The finale in Rüdersdorf on October 28th is waiting - Online registration open

Only one race remains on the calendar of the DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany 2023. This will be a special highlight for everyone. For the first time, the HESG community will travel to Rüdersdorf on the outskirts of Berlin. On the traditional terrain at Kesselsee, MC Woltersdorf will once again provide riders with everything that makes the Hardenduro heart beat faster. In recent times, even the Enduro World Championship pilots have tackled the terrain with enthusiasm, appreciating the numerous challenging ascents it offers.

Everything that is possible will be integrated into the track

For the best German Hardenduro riders, the track will be further expanded. New ascents that have never been ridden before will be integrated into the track. For the finale, a total of 20 different ascents will be ready for the riders, along with 2 rocky sections and several artificial obstacles.

The new president of MC Woltersdorf, Thomas Hoffmann, has come up with another special highlight. Inspired by Berlin's history, there are a total of 3 checkpoints, including the finish line. They are named Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie, in homage to the former border crossing points: Marienborn (Alpha), Dreilinden (Bravo), and the most famous one, still known as Checkpoint Charlie, on Friedrichstraße.

Online registration for the race is available here: .

Even though there are still some spots available at the moment, it's advisable to hurry, as there is a limited number of slots, including the ADMV Championship, which is also hosting its race simultaneously.

Championship celebration and party conclude the season

After the race, it's far from over. In the evening, a grand championship celebration takes place in a festival tent. Since the championship is still fiercely contested in almost all classes, the champagne corks will pop particularly loudly in the evening. Following the championship celebration, there will be live music and a DJ in the festival tent to properly conclude the season.

Photo: DG Design/Denis Guenther

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