Meltewitz cancelled - Hamma moves into the calendar in spring 2021

Although the corona rules were further eased at the weekend in Saxony, the MelzExdrähm 2020 must be cancelled. The SHC Meltewitz does not want to hold any more events this year, so the HESG race planned for 13.09. also falls to the corona crisis.

"We think it is a pity that we have received a cancellation from Meltewitz. The terrain is always something special and also important for the whole extreme enduro sport in Germany. The rules have been further relaxed in Saxony and with a concept an event with up to 1000 people is possible. We have made a concept for the runs of the MAXXIS HardEnduroSeries Germany which can be adapted to the current rules and tracks, and we were already in contact with the Saxon State Cabinet. Nevertheless we are of course dependent on the clubs that are responsible for the tracks of the races. So far we have been very satisfied with the work of the clubs", a disappointed Denis Günther describes the current situation.

Hamma moves up in the calendar

Nevertheless, there are also positive things to report, because the season which is scheduled to continue until May 2021 will have 6 runs. As a replacement, a race in Hamma will be added to the calendar in mid-March 2021.

How it came to this, the series organisation describes once again: "When we held the HESG Rideday in Hamma last month, we were already talking about a run in spring 2021. When the cancellation came from Meltewitz, it happened very quickly and we were able to reach an agreement with the MSC Hamma. Since we have a very good relationship with the club chairman Jan Hoffmann and we were also very satisfied with the 2019 run in the southern Harz Mountains, we are of course taking advantage of this opportunity.

An exact date and the schedule is not yet fixed but it will of course be a highlight in the calendar of the HESG.

Next attempt in Reetz

The next item on the agenda is to secure the start of the season in Reetz on 10.10.2020 where track work is already being carried out. Reetz is located in Brandenburg where events are currently possible. But everything still depends on the current Corona situation and the necessary permits.

But as usual in extreme enduro racing, the series organisation does not give up and hopes for better times.

New date for the 1st Hardenduro in Reisersberg

Meanwhile, the MCC Reisersberg has set the date for the Hardenduro in Reisersberg for 17.04.2021. This means that the first date for the second half of the season in spring 2021 has been set. Originally the date was planned for 05.07.2020, but this had to be postponed due to the Corona regulations.

Current calendar:

10.10.2020 1. Reetzer HardEnduro

24.10.2020 Tenneco Extreme Enduro Neuhaus-Schierschnitz

31.10.2020 Isegrim Enduro Schwepnitz

Mid-March 2021 Hamma

17.04.2021 Reisersberg

May 2021 Crimmitschau

Photo: DG Design / Denis Günther, TK420 / Toni Keller


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