First preliminary schedule presented for the DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany 2024

Traditionally, the DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany releases an initial provisional schedule for the following season during the final race. After an exceptionally successful year in 2023 with consistently more participants than in previous years, the series will continue.

Not all dates have been finalized yet, but it's worth taking a look at the calendar to get an initial idea. There are plans for at least 7 races in the 2024 season. Whether there will be 8 races again will be determined in the next few weeks.

The season is scheduled to kick off again at the end of March or beginning of April. The season opener is expected to take place in Reetz. The exact date will be announced shortly but is still being coordinated with other important series to avoid scheduling conflicts.

The date for Crimmitschau has already been set, known for having the most participants in the last two years. Next year, the race will take place on April 28th, once again as a major event with the Saxon Offroad Cup and a supporting program.

Hamma is back on the calendar, with points being contested at the vineyard in May.

The date for Reisersberg is also confirmed. As the southernmost race, the organizer is sticking to its established date in mid-July, with the race taking place in the cauldron on July 13th. The date for Gefrees has not yet been determined, but the event is expected to take place in July in the Fichtel Mountains, this time without participation in the European series.

In 2024, the MelzExdrähm celebrates its anniversary. The Hardenduro in Meltewitz will be held for the 15th time. Since 2018, it has been a part of the HESG and will take place on September 22nd, 2024.

The finale is currently planned for October 5th in Schwepnitz. A new organizer could complete the 2024 calendar.

Denis Günther of the HESG Series Organization is already looking forward to the 2024 season: "After the fantastic year 2023, we are once again going full throttle in 2024. Many of our previous organizers were very satisfied with the past year and have already reaffirmed their interest for the coming year.

We will complete the missing dates shortly. Currently, this is not possible as we are still waiting for the dates of the DEM, and the FIM Hardenduro World Championship also has two open dates in the fall. Since our juniors want to establish themselves in the World Championship, it would be unfair if races were to overlap. As soon as there is further news about the dates, we will of course publish them immediately."

The races where the HESG-E and HESG Kids will also participate will be decided in November. In addition, selected young drivers will receive special support. "At many races in 2023, the juniors were already in the majority and could also compete at the top. Felix Bähker still has the chance for a podium position in the FIM Junior Hardenduro World Championship. That's why we are planning special support for the upcoming season. Details about this will be announced shortly," says Denis Günther, who, in collaboration with DG Design, aims to support the juniors specifically.

Dates 2024 (Draft 23.10.23)

End March/April – Reetz

27./28.04. - Crimmitschau

May – Hamma

July - Gefrees

13.07.  - Reisersberg

22.09. - Meltewitz

05.10. – Schwepnitz

More dates and organizers will follow...

Changes to the schedule are still possible.

Photo: Michel238pic/Michel Kuchel

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