The race in Gefrees is being rescheduled to August 3, 2024, due to regulatory requirements

Schedule changes are never ideal, unfortunately, one of the dates for the DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany has been affected. The originally planned Onkel Kallis Memory Granit Scramble on June 29, 2024, is now rescheduled for August 3, 2024.

This change is necessary due to regulatory requirements, as events in the first half of the year in Gefrees are no longer feasible. The only available alternative date is now August 3, 2024, placing the event on the same weekend as the previous year. A later date is also not feasible according to MSC Gefrees, as a Trial DM race is also scheduled in the terrain.

On a positive note, it is worth mentioning that this rescheduling avoids a conflict with the popular Mountain Enduro in Austria (part of the ÖEC). Therefore, the Granit Scramble has once again become interesting for Austrians.

The dates are now as follows:

- April 13: Reetz

- April 27/28: Crimmitschau

- May 25: Hamma

- July 13: Reisersberg

- August 3: Gefrees

- September 22: Meltewitz

- October 5: Schwepnitz

(Status as of January 25, 2024) 

New format in Gefrees.

There is also some news on the sports side in Gefrees. As with most other HESG races, Gefrees now introduces group races and a final. In the group races, the track will be slightly adjusted to ensure all riders enjoy the experience, although there will still be many challenging and technical sections. Another advantage is that there will be fewer riders on the track, resulting in significantly fewer traffic jams.

The final, featuring the best riders, will take place on a much more challenging track. As usual, there will be checkpoints, and the race will follow a time and lap format. The maximum race duration is planned to be 3 hours. In the evening, there will be another race party with an award ceremony.

The complete schedule will be available shortly.

For the latest information on the DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany, always check and social media.

Fotos: GrenzNic640/Silvio Gessner

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