The big finale is approaching: Wulf versus Bähker in Rüdersdorf!

Since the season opener on April 1st and the final, which will take place in Rüdersdorf on Saturday, 210 eventful days have passed. These days have characterized an exciting season of the DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany, keeping both drivers and fans on the edge of their seats.

For the final, there are over 110 entries, including Milan Schmüser, who has already secured 2 victories this season. Although he was injured at the Erzberg in Austria, he will finally make his comeback. Ironically, the current leader Lenny Geretzky will be absent. He got injured in the penultimate World Championship race and can no longer compete for the title.

The best chances now lie with Marc Wulf. Despite being 18 points behind, Felix Bähker could still have a chance. At the final in Rüdersdorf, 30 points are still up for grabs, leaving everything open and no room for error.

The amateurs' competition is also thrilling, with Lukas Debus and Max Rutz tied at the top.

Lokalmatadore also aim to inspire fans

In total, over 40 guest riders are participating in Rüdersdorf, including many local talents who would like to get a taste of Hardenduro for the first time. The HESG mode is ideal in this regard, as the group races initially offer a scaled-down track that will be suitable for all riders. Entries are still possible until Thursday using the following link:

A great supporting program in Rüdersdorf

The fans will get their money's worth in Rüdersdorf. The MC Woltersdorf has come up with a lot on the compact track. 20 ascents and artificial obstacles are sure to thrill fans from Berlin and Brandenburg. The HESG Kids will also compete in their final in Rüdersdorf. Two races will be held again for the younger riders in the 50 and 65cc classes.

After a long break, there will also be an autograph session. This will take place during the break before the final. In the evening, the HESG championship ceremony will follow, along with a party featuring live music. All fans will thus get their money's worth.

Current information about the DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany can always be found on and on social media."

Foto: Ina Klemer

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