The highlight in Gefrees awaits the participants of the DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany

Even though the current weather conditions in Germany are not optimal, the preparation for the season highlight of the DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany in Gefrees is going according to plan.

A mud battle like in Neuhaus-Schierschnitz is not expected in Gefrees. The ground conditions between the two locations differ too much. In Gefrees, the wet rocks will likely pose a challenge for the strongly competitive field of riders once again. A leg of the Hardenduro European Challenge is also part of the race, allowing some strong international riders to compete alongside the German riders.

Apart from the HESG Championship, fans can look forward to Dieter Rudolf, Wade Young, and Eddie Karlsson, among others.

Notably, 5 participants who successfully completed the Red Bull Romaniacs in the Gold class last week will be starting in Gefrees.

Pure excitement in the HESG classes - Will there be a fourth winner in the fifth race?

In the HESG classes, the entire leading field is at the start except for Milan Schmüser, who is still sidelined due to injury. The focus is clearly on the overall standings, where Marc Wulf and Lenny Geretzky are tied at the top with the same number of points. Behind them, the Reisersberg winner, Felix Bähker, is lurking with just a 5-point gap behind his two competitors. Both Bähker and Geretzky bring momentum to Gefrees as they both successfully completed the Red Bull Romaniacs as the youngest participants in the Gold class.

Also, Leon Hentschel should not be overlooked. In Gefrees, he participated in his last race last year, followed by an extended period of injury recovery. In Reisersberg, the now competing for the DOWATEK Team driver impressively secured the second place.

Special race mode in Gefrees

Just like last year, the mode in Gefrees will be something special again. After the prologue, the 4-hour race begins, during which 5 laps must be completed. The one who conquers these on the challenging track as the first can celebrate themselves as the winner..

70th anniversary celebration of MSC Gefrees with a grand awards ceremony.

The awards ceremony will take place in the center of Gefrees as part of the 70th anniversary celebration of MSC Gefrees in the evening. Starting at 6:30 PM, the venue of the Cultural and Concert Association Omnibus e.V. will open for the grand closing party with a live band.

All further information regarding directions and parking will be published tomorrow in the fan guide.

Current information about the DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany can always be found on and on social media.

Photo: Grenznic640

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