DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany: Start of registration for the 2022 season from 01.01.2022

The HardEnduroSeries Germany would like to thank all riders, clubs, sponsor partners, media and of course the fans for their support last year. "We would like to thank you once again for your support of every kind. The last two years were not the easiest, so we were all the more pleased that we could now hold a championship in 2021, despite various restrictions. Even though there were not the same possibilities as before the Corona crisis, everyone made the best of the situation. For 2022, we hope to get back into the old rhythm and to welcome the fans again in large numbers. In any case, fan activities such as autograph sessions are planned again in the EVS-Sports HESG Village," says Denis Günther.

The first date for everyone is already on 01.01.2022, at 12.00 noon the official registration will start on the website for the new season. Those who want to secure their desired permanent start number should also hurry, because experience shows that the first day is very busy.

The registration is again possible for 30,00 Euro. If, due to official restrictions, less than 3 races can be held in the 2022 season, the registration fee will be carried over into 2023: "Of course we hope that we will be able to hold all races, currently 6 dates are fixed. In the event that this is not possible, we will try to postpone the dates or, as in the 2020 season, carry over the registration fee into 2023. The interest is still great, we receive enquiries about the new season almost daily, and fortunately more and more hobby riders are becoming interested in the HESG. We are very excited about what the new season will bring," says the series organisation.

As an incentive for the hobby riders, there will also be an amateur classification for the first time in the 2022 season, which will be introduced in addition to the championship, senior and junior classifications.

The announcement for the 2022 season can already be downloaded here:

The season opener will again take place in Crimmitschau on 22.05.22. All other dates can be found here:

HESG Kids and HESG - E are also at the start again

The HESG Kids and HESG- E classes introduced in 2021 will also continue to be offered in the 2022 season. In the HESG Kids there is now an additional 85 cc class. Both categories will start at the races in Crimmitschau, Hamma, Reisersberg and Reetz.

Further information is always available at

Photo: Ina Klemer

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