MAXXIS HardEnduroSeries Germany: Hentschel takes opening win


The champion has struck back. Leon Hentschel is the winner of the first round of the MAXXIS HardEnduroSeries Germany 2021 in Crimmitschau. With freestyler Kai Haase and several other international participants, the series was able to maintain a high standard of riding at the start of the season in its third year.

Endurides Prolog Award

First, the Endurides Prolog Award started on a loop of about 3 minutes. Tim Apolle led the classification for a long time, but was then replaced by Max Faude and then Marc Wulf. As the riders who started later had a better track, this mixed up the results a lot.

Tim Apolle


The start of the HESG-E was the beginning of a new era. For the first time, an electric bike class was announced in an extreme enduro series throughout Europe. The HESG-E took part in the prologue and then competed in the second group race. Felix Bräuer was the first winner. The Alta rider is now the first leader in this class.

Final - Hentschel and Apolle fight a duel

Over the entire distance of 60 minutes, Leon Hentschel and Tim Apolle fought a duel. Both had previously won their respective group races and went into the race side by side. Both the Czech Vaclav Nedved and Ulli Gramersberger caused a surprise. Nobody had expected these two riders to be in the top field beforehand, but they were able to keep up the pace at the front.

When a difficult slope was added to the course in lap 2, Hentschel made the decisive manoeuvre and was able to overtake Tim Apolle. In the remaining riding time until the chequered flag after 60 minutes, the BETA rider was able to make up some ground, but did not manage to catch up with the 2019 champion again.

Leon Hentschel had positive words at the finish: "My start was mixed, but I was able to catch up quickly. Tim had a few problems in the grass part, so I was able to catch up with him and overtake him. I'm really happy about the victory."

Third place went to Nedved, who scored his first podium in Germany with a solid performance.

Jungmann, Schmüser and Baur Group take special awards

Timo Jungmann is the first winner of the 2021 senior classification. The rider from Hessen was able to beat Przemek Kaczmarczyk from Poland in the daily classification. In the overall standings, however, Estonian Rene Jerbach takes second place, as he became the second best series rider behind Jungmann.

Timo Jungmann

Milan Schmüser was unlucky in the junior class, as he collided with other riders at the start and thus started the race as the last rider in his starting row. Nevertheless, he was able to confirm his strong performance from last year in the race, as he finished second in Reetz 2020. This brought him to the front again in Crimmitschau. On the last lap, he was able to overtake Paul-Erik Huster, who had been leading until then, and thus still clinch the junior victory.

In the Weber #werkeholics Team Award, the Baur Gruppe team was pleased with the opening victory.

The next round of the MAXXIS HardEnduroSeries Germany starts on 17.07.2021 in Reisersberg, Bavaria.

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Photos: TK420 / Toni Keller & Ina Klemer

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